Closure for Greater Manchester Recycling Centres

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Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority (GMWDA) is considering closing six of its 25 recycling centres in a bid to cut £1m from its budget. Two of the sites facing closure include Leicester Road in Salford and Black Horse Street in Blackrod.

Those hoping to use Rivington – if it changes to a massive recycling centre may be disappointed – there will be that many lorries coming down George’s Lane, and Chorley Road , that it may not be safe – the sad truth is we don’t know because the required Traffic Impact Assessment has been ignored, during the application to extend the quarry.

The possible advantage of Rivington as a massive recycle centre is that you could take the family around the entrance to the west Pennine Moors after – for a walk round the refuse centre / landfill / restoration works (or maybe you cant because all the public footpaths will be gone- or diverted miles away) – and reminisce what might have been if local people and Bolton Councillors had fully considered the proposal – RAGE:- Rivington Against Greenbelt Exploitation

Safe recycling ! ?

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  • Rita Fox

    I don’t want to see Black Horse Street, Blackrod recyling centre closed. I use it fairly regularly. I live in Horwich and to have to take garden refuse or rubble to Raikes Lane (apparently the nearest to Horwich) is just too far. The present cost of petrol would make it prohibitive. The closure would only encourage fly tipping which would have the knock-on effect of incurring extra cost to the Council to clean up.

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