Since the last public meeting of  RAGE(Rivington Against Greenbelt Exploitation) numerous people have come forward to provide information.

The result – the dots have been joined. We have been able to answer the various questions raised at the last meeting. The affect to Winter Hill and Horwich more damaging than you could ever imagine :-  

  • Plans exist to convert Montcliffe & Pilkington quarries  into a huge waste recycling & landfill operation in our precious Greenbelt Moors.


The residents of Horwich were promised :-

 Pilkington Quarry would be restored by 2008 – a broken promise

The extension to Pilkington Quarry would never be permitted – a broken promise

Montcliffe Quarry would be made a country park by 2012 – a promise in the breaking.

The residents of Horwich believed that:-

 Bolton Council and the Planning Committee would make an Objective appraisal of any planning application – legal letters, failed appeals, quashed consents paint a different picture.

What do YOU think?

  • Why is Bolton Council passing planning applications without following lawful process?
  • £million is being spend on retaining walls on Chorley Old Road. Is this preparation for hundreds of extra HGVs to the quarries and Horwich?
  • Why do important planning documents held by Bolton Council that could help stop this development go missing?
  • Why are serious environmental concerns being ignored?
  • Are the council so desperate for income they willing to spoil this beautiful area for ever?
  • Are the Planning  Committee being mislead ?

Thanks to information provided following the last public meeting, we will be able to present the full facts.

People close to the issues have been shocked !

This is not just about the Plan to Replace Winter Hill With a Mountain of Rubbish, this is about Horwich, Blackrod, Heaton and Lostock.

The next public meeting is   March 22nd @7.30pm at the Horwich RMI Club, Ramsbottom Rd,  as thousands of leaflets are distributed around Horwich ( if you can help contact RAGE at  ragequarry@gmail.com )

We will be asking for your help.

Please bring along friends, family or colleagues who may be interested.

Download your window poster here (green or white paper)  Now in PDF format  GREEN   WHITE

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