1,000,000 tonne per year recycling centre in Horwich ?

Approaching 250 people packed the RAGE meeting last night.

Recent documents have been identified detailing proposals for a 1,000,000 tonne per year recycling centre in Montcliffe Quarry, requiring 400 HGV movements per day.

The document further details 4,500,000 tonnes of infill waste opportunity in Pilkington Quarry – and the extension, together with further recycling.


The GMGU (GM waste development plan) concludes  6.34  ” that these sites have been included within the calculations for future waste management requirements”   adding ” A final decision on the inclusion of these sites will be made during the development of the next stage of the Waste Plan”

It is expected that this “next stage” will be in the public  towards the end of Aril 2011.


Previously the GMGU had indicated it would not consider Pilkington because extraction was not complete and therefore not ready for infill restoration. This changed earlier this year when MPG wrote to Bolton Council confirming that extraction had ceased permanently (almost).

Legal representatives continue work on the Judicial Review concerning the extension to pilkington Quarry – granted earlier this year.

Meanwhile GCN Ltd (registered at Armstrong’s Chorley new Road site)  are asking for a 9 year extension to quarrying activities at Montcliffe    even though it was due to be transformed into a country park at the end of this year. http://www.planning.bolton.gov.uk/Documents/93201_1.pdf

It appears that Bolton Council have the quarry on long term lease and will become the freeholders of Montcliffe towards 2090, and executive have been tasked with maintaining an income stream from the asset.

  • Greater Manchester Council stated in the 1980 s they would never let the Pilkington extension go ahead because of the adverse visual impact.
  • Residents were told that Pilkington Quarry would be restored and  returned to nature by 2009
  • Residents were told that Montcliffe would be transformed into a country Park by 2012

Broken promises ?

The Rage presentation can be found here PRESENTATION

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