Its a big white fence

Residents close to Montcliffe have been complaining about a big white fence around the quarry for some time.

The enlarged  fence  jumps out from the hill and can be clearly be seen as a big white scar accross the hill from Blackrod.

The good news is that GCN Ltd (David Armstrong) has agreed to paint it green.

The four groups have written  a letter to Bolton Council, challenging the fact that the council  believe it is lawful and they cannot do anything about it.

 An update regarding the  next stage of the Judicial review re the Pilkington Extension will be available in the next few days.

2 comments to Its a big white fence

  • margaret seddon

    I believe the larges scar on the enviroment is Hadrians wall is that the next one to be demolished?
    Grow up if you are looking at it from Blackrod ( my home town by the way) you are sad people look at the views instead
    and let other people live there lives.
    There are far more disgusting eyesore Scars in Blackrod that need sorting out before a fence 4 miles away
    Tax payers have better things to spend their money on these days than petty things like this ask them nicely to paint it green and every body wins because if you want everything green removing you are in for a big expensive job, but then agin these people probably dont care because they have nothing better to do than complain about others.

  • admin

    Its always good to have comments – good or bad.

    Your comments are a little late, as the fence has now been painted green.
    It had made a very negative impact to more local residents and those in the conservation area of Wallsuches – although from the tone of your comment you were fortunately not effected.

    The rest of your comment doesnt particularly make sense – other than you seem to be complaining about people trying to make a positive difference, by trying to protect and improve the communities in which they live -at no cost to the tax payer – and criticising yourself for being sad ?

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