The Council have decided to defend the Judicial Review.

  •   May be they think we will not be able to raise the money.
  • May be they want to tell the planning committee they have lost the JR on a  technicality – which it is not
Quashing this consent is critically important in protecting Horwich and the surrounding area, and potentially stopping a 1,000,000 tonne per year recycling centre  (massively bigger than the Armstrong site on Chorley New Road) on our doorstep.

 Our legal costs in fighting the permissions has been in the region of£20,000  so far, funded by a small group of people, with four legal challenges. We have won  the first three (one application went to appeal but was withdrawn, two permissions have been quashed.)  Bolton Council have agreed to refund the legal costs but the money is not yet in the bank. Simply – we have a cash flow problem.


We need to raise £4,500 in the next week, in order to continue pursuing the Judicial Review, which has very strict timescale constraints.

 If everyone reading this contributes £20, we will raise sufficient funds. If we do not raise the money we all loose.

Contributions can be made to

Rivington Against Greenbelt Exploitation

sort 77 02 10
ac 24740960
You can contribute via Paypal at: 
Alternatively you can write a cheque, payable to Rage and send to:
5/6 Montcliffe Cottages, Georges Lane, Horwich, BL6 6RS

The next public meeting is   March 22nd @7.30pm at the Horwich RMI Club, Ramsbottom Rd,  as thousands of leaflets are distributed around Horwich ( if you can help contact RAGE at  ragequarry@gmail.com )

 Download your window poster here (green or white paper)  Now in PDF format  GREEN   WHITE
For more information on the background, click quarry summary

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