New Quarry Application Imminent

As the current planning permission for Montcliffe is due to expire, a new planning application is expected imminently.

In order to update the communityRAGE have scheduled a meeting at Horwich RMI, Wednesday 29 June 2011, 7pm for a 7.30 pm start.

The previous operators of Montcliffe were given permission to extend extraction until 2011, on the agreement that they would not ask for a further extension.  Very clear ?

Permission for a third quarry – “Pilkington extension” was granted on the basis that Montcliffe would be restored by 2012 . The Pilkington Extension was granted even though Manchester Council has stated that such an extension would never be permitted. Very clear ?

You can be forgiven for being confused. The existing Pilkington Quarry, in 1999 and 2002 was given permission to extract until 2007, providing restoration was completed within 12 months after this. The two permissions to extend the extraction period until 2042 were recently quashed. Very clear ?

Despite the restoration plan being rejected by elected councillors in 2009, Bolton Council officers argue a restoration scheme has been approved which will be completed in 2042 – ie 21 years rather than the agreed 1 year and despite the quary being potentially contaminated.  Slightly confused ?

One of the reasons the restoration plan, combined with the extension was rejected by Planning Committee, was the increase in the number of HGVs. Incredibly the re-submitted plan, which was approved and is currently subject to Judicial Review, allows for even more HGvs than the rejected proposal. More confused ?

Historically the local Horwich Liberal Democrat council have always been against further development in the area – understanding many of the issues. It will be interesting to see how the newly elected Labour Ward councillors for the area respond


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