Quarry – RAGE suffers massive attacks – but pulls through

A busy week, as the new application to extend the life of Montcliffe Quarry was considered by Horwich Town Council, who voted to recommend refusal of the application – which is currently operating without active planning permission.

The document from the GMGU regarding the applicatioon’s  was reportedly only posted on Bolton’s website on Wednesday and has been subsequently unavailable for viewing due to an error in the council website.

We have been informed thatt  the updates on the RAGE website have been simultaneously  hampered by a massive cyber attack, originating from ten servers in Germany, and resulting in 45,000 hits in a relatively short space of time. Investigations are ongoing.

Last week also saw the courts consider the protective costs order, for the current Judicial review. The protective costs order limited the amount either side could claim against the other, depending on who won the case. The terms have been changed to be fairer and allow the case to continue. The date of the judicial review has also been delayed until 14-16 December 2011

RAGE are embarking on a massive fund raising campaign .

You can contribute via Paypal at: 


Why all the fuss – there have been quarries in Horwich for over a century.

Here something to consider. When permission was granted in 1950 for extraction in 18 acres of Pilkington Quarry – it was estimated that it would take three hundred years to quarry.

Advances in technology means that most of this stone, was in fact extracted in a matter of a few years, in recent history. There is now an application to extend the life of Montcliffe and a  recent permission for a third quarry. These are going to be extracted at a faster rate than previously. The number of HGV is likely to be considerably more than has previously affected the area – and nobody has considered what the affects will be – or how the affects can be mitigated.

Added to that a long term plan to remove further footpaths and introduce a million tonne a year recycling centre, the concern is more than a quarry – it is the cumulative impact of three quaries




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