Quarry Update

Local residents groups often get excited with one quarry. In Horwich we now have three -although most people may not realise until they are all operating – or the 1,000,000 tonne per year recycling centre becomes a reality.

Only  few months after permission was granted for a third quarry (Pilkington 2)  (on the basis that Montcliffe was closing), an application to extend extraction at Montcliffe is being considered by Horwich Town Council. THURSDAY 22nd September, 7.15pm at St John’s Methodist Church on Victoria Road, Horwich.

On the same day , the Protective costs order  (PCO) hearing at  Manchester Civil Justice Court (time tbc) . The aim is to improve the terms of the PCO that was awarded,  when the second Judicial review was approved to continue, by a judge.

At the present time the judicial review is scheduled to proceed at  Manchester Civil Justice Courts, October the 3rd & 4th, although  legal representatives will be seeking to delay this, during PCO hearing above.

RAGE have identified an urgent call for additional funds, to ensure that the current legal fight comes to a fair conclusion. We may not be able to stop the developments in entirety but at least RAGE are committed to ensuring that residents of Horwich. Heaton and Lostock are protected by their legal rights.

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