Latest Turbine Visuals

Note: the above photo has been corrected to a normal lens, rather than wide angle

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  • Barry Jubb

    These Turbines will over produce the power needed for the Golf club, but because of their size and installation costs,it will still take the same amount of time to pay off the costs than smaller one,s that will still produce sufficient power for the golf club.

    Not wishing to be a Luddite I suggest everyone look at the “Quietrevolution” vertical axis wind turbines. Look at their application’s and consider are these good enough, to still feed into the Feedback Tarrif.

  • admin

    Thank you. Vertical axis wind turbines have been discussed with the applicant, but they do not produce enough energy. This is not so much an application to power the golf club , it is an application to maximise the returns due to FIT. (Combined with the biomass plant the power output could power c 11,000 homes)

  • Barry Jubb

    Thank you Admin, I am all in favour of the right application in the right place and this is obviously not in the right Place. We must try to stop the proliferation of this type of generator, where elevated townships look down upon them.

  • admin

    Indeed – we are very much in favour of wind turbines -but of the right size and in the right place. It is a great pitty that this is the first turbine application, so close to Blackrod – although we had no objection to the turbine at Parkway, which is better located and a more appropriate size

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