Wind Turbines Coming to Blackrod ?

Markland Farm / Douglas Valley Golf Course has been given permission for a 4MWe biomass plant, capable of supplying electric for c 10,000 houses, and heating the whole of Blackrod – subject to rubber stamping by the secretary of state – as it is contrary to Bolton Planning Policy. The plant will actually only heat six houses and supply a small amount of electric to the hamlet – the majority being exported to the grid – making it potentially the least efficient CHP plant in the world.

The same applicant now wnats to build two 145 feet wind turbines  (100 foot mast + blades) – also to supply electric  energy to the hamlet !!  The turbines- each with a nominal power of 250KW , will have a life span of c twenty years.

You either love or hate wind turbines. They are renewable and sustainable. The feed in tarrifs make small scale renewable energy projects financially very attractive – and they should generally be encouraged, providing the impact  to the environment and local residents is minimised.

The full aplication can be found here :

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