Turbine trouble

Residents have been confused at how the applicant for the turbines on Douglas Valley golf course, can refer to the turbines as small. How the turbines were originally appeared to be  in the wrong scale on the photo montages.

Now residents   are  bemused with the updated noise statement. Whilst updating the noise statement, the noise source has been reduced from c 104 dB to 97.1 dB.  (as of 07/12/2011 the noise source has decreased further to 92dB)

No explanation is given for this reduction of 75% Even the manufacturers own website seems to suggest the figure is wrong.

No explanation is given why one of the turbines (the one closest to Nightingale Road) is missing or why the combined effect, which we estimate would add over 3dB is missing.

The assesment also appears to avoid the noise generated if it gets windy, limiting it to 8m/s (about 2/3 of its top speed) 

For the “alternative”  analysis of the noise generation see   http://www.planning.bolton.gov.uk/Documents/111580_65.pdf

Meanwhile Prince Phillip slams turbines as a “Fairytale”

The UK currently has a total of 3,421 turbines, with 2,941 onshore and there are proposals in place by the Government to build a further 4,500

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