Douglas Valley Turbine Update

The photographs below show the first photographic submission by the applicant, the latest submission by the applcant (both using a wide angle lens) and our interpretation – the latter using a 50mm lens and more correctly exposed, which is good practice when depicting visual impact. All are taken from approximately the same location. An actual WES turbine, in actual colours is shown in our interpretation) (It should be noted that we believe our interpretation still underestimates the impact, as the baloon, used to centre the turbine was not flying at a vertical height of 30m) Click on the images to see a larger view

At the same time the turbines have been getting quieter with the latest noise assement appears to claim that at 200m a turbine will be 37 dB, rather than the 45dB claimed on the manufacturers website.

To make matters worse, the site is approved for a biomass plant.Having stated “we have had no other option but to shelve this project for the time being”, around the 17 October 2011, within a month work had commenced on the plant.

It is good that people from outside the area are in favour of wind turbines, as are we. It is unlikely that they are aware of the impact of these specific turbines as it has been almost impossible to understand from the data which has been submitted.

Wind turbines are an excellent form of renewable energy. Some people do not like them spoiling the views in the countryside when out for a walk. This is considerably different from having one invading the privacy of your own home, either visually or with noise – particularly relevant to the proposed turbines at Douglas Valley given the topography of the land and the number of people directly affected.

There will be many more applications for turbines in the local area – it is only to be hoped that these will provide accurate and detailed informtion from the outset and that they will not effect so many residents on a personal basis – so that the whole community can embrace this technology.

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