Blackrod and Horwich Wind Farm (s) including Red Moss

The valley between Blackrod and Horwich looks set to become an endless valley of wind turbines and power plants

The latest development is that a wind farm is proposed on Red Moss – a Site of Special Scientific Interest – of European significance. It is understood the turbines will be operated by Coriolis Energy Ltd. It is understood the number of proposed turbines has been reduced but the Bolton News reports a planning application for five or six turbines is likelym, we believe they will be in the size range of 66m to 100m to blade tip – although up to 160m is possible
This is in addition to turbines at Chadwick Farm (3x66m to tip) and Douglas Valley Golf Course (45m to tip). Both locations are within a few hundred meters of residential properties. A biomass plant has already been approved (and building works started) at Markland Farm / Douglas Valley Golf Course.
The turbine at douglas Valley may affect the television recpetion of over 8000 people . It is not know n how many Chadwick farm will affect

Bolton Council does not appear to have a developed wind turbine strategy.

Local Government Improvement and Development -designated areas and approximate setbacks states that “Designated nature conservation areas should be avoided, and a setback distance from the boundary of the designated area may be recommended by ecologists ”
It also states A setback distance of at least 600 – 800 metres from residential properties for large wind turbines. This may be reduced for smaller projects.
Ofcom avises a minimum seperation distance of at least 500m to residential properties to a turbine.

Wherever a wind policy has been considerd – in depth – it appears highly likely that none of these developments would proceed.

The lack of a clear policy causes significant concern – particularly when the Council itself benefits from the lack of policy.

It is often said the green spaces around Bolton are what attracts new residents. This looks set to change.

3 comments to Blackrod and Horwich Wind Farm (s) including Red Moss

  • Barry Jubb

    How true are the caption on the cartoon, we are all collectively going to have a hard fight on our hands if we are to stop this proliferation of such large scale wind turbines. They are bad enough when they are on the skyline, now the residents of both Blackrod and Horwich will be looking down on them as well.

    How do we motivate the people to rebel against them.

  • Barry Jubb

    As pointed out this is a Site of Special Scientific Interest – of European significance. Is nowhere sacrosanct?

  • Ian Fitter

    Given Bolton Council’s plans to build 1600 houses on the land adjacent to Red Moss, it doesn’t leave much room if the separation distances from residential areas are followed.

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