Douglas Valley Montages

The applicants agent has suggested that a montage from a resident is innacurate. They allege the photomontage as shows the turbine to be in the wrong place, is massively closer than it will be and is set at a much too high level. It gives a totally false impression of the turbine and its closeness and impact.
The imposed turbine is an actual WES 30 turbine (on a 30m mast)- which fixes the scale given two fixed points. The photographs are taken with a 50mm equivelent lens on a 35mm camera – recognised as giving an accurate eye persepctive rather than a wide angle or zoom lens. The photograph was taken from their front door. Nobody would want to think anyone is being mislead so …..

(Click on the picture to enlarge) The montage
1 is update below in accordance with the agents suggested position and height.
2 the original residents submission and
3 the agents latest submission (taken from near the bottom of Chorley Road)
4 the agents original submission

Interestingly the agent is now using maps. Previously it had been indicated yellow balloons blowing in the wind were more accurate than OS maps.





Appologies if we gave anyone a false impression of the impact.

It should be noted that the turbine may be less visible at night – providing there is no moon and the golf course is not using its flood lights. We do not know

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