Douglas Valley Turbines – now only one turbine ! UPDATED

It would appear that the application has now been ammended to only one turbine – due to the presence of a gas line.

It is our understanding that the only turbine now being applied for is turbine 1, closest to the golf house. This turbine also appears to have moved again – although this is not clear. UPDATE : turbine 1 has not moved.
There are currently several objections or requests for deferment :

NERL – air traffic control
Joint Radio Company

Ofcom also needs to be consulted

The site also requires a bat survey to be completed prior to any permission being granted.

Residents have asked for a deferral to ensure an appropriate noise assesment can be completed

It is further a matter of law and good practice that the base line should include any developments for which permission has already been granted – ie the biomass plant. It would therefore be incorrect to assume that the turbine will offset carbon usage on the site.

Whilst it seems likely the application will be deferred it is still for the planning committee to decide

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