Land off Bolton Road

This application has now been submitted for 300 houses

Residents may comment by clicking the link below

Plannng application 12/00082/outmaj

(The design and access documents show location / layout etc

Further information, including other was to make a coment can be found

The ecology survey seems to suggest that several rare /notable species of bats are present at the site “Bat surveys have confirmed that there are no roosts present within the application boundary and demonstrated that the sites habitats are used for foraging / commuting predominantly by common and widespread species. Precautionary mitigation is recommended to ensure that bats are adequately protected during the removal of trees. Only small numbers of notable species, such as BAP Priority Species, were present”

Whilst the renewable enrgy statement rules out biomass, small wind turbines- suggests solar Pv is not practical leaving a large wind turbine as the solution. There goes at least one of the green spaces !!

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