The Turbines are Coming

The photo above (click photo to enlarge) shows the proposed Douglas Valley Turbine, from Chorley Road. (Taken with a 38mm lens, showing more accurately the perceived impact rather than using wide angle lens)

None of the turbines below have yet been built -and they are getting bigger. For reference a typical two story house, including the roof is about 7m.

BHEAG’s position is given in italics.

BHEAG use the guidlines expressed in these documents Guidlines
Planning Guidance on the Residential Amenity Impacts of Wind Turbine Development
Local Government Improvement and Development

Current approved
– Horwich Parkway 1 x 25m (twin blade ) (no objection)

Current Applications

– Matchmoor Stables, Matchmoor Lane, Horwich 1 x 34 m to tip no objection

– Douglas Valley golf Course 2 1 x 45m to tip (twin blade) objections, proximity to residential property, proximity to hedgerow and pond, proximity to public footpath, proximity to biomass plant, adverse impact on visual amenity

– Land North (or East) of Chadwick’s Farm, Lostock Lane 3 x 66m to tip (triple blade) (No position /tbd )


Several other turbines / wind farms have been rumoured around Blackrod

2 comments to The Turbines are Coming

  • The ojection to the Douglas Valley turbine “adverse impact on visual amenity”, what the heck does that mean? Why are some so opposed to ANY effort to utilize renewable energy? Sometimes I just don’t get it. Thanks.

  • admin

    BHEAG are not against any effort to utilize renwable energy – to the contrary – but this must not be at the cost to the environment. In the case of the turbine you refer to, it is extremely close to residential proprties- the topography of the area also makes for a bigger impact to other residential homes. This particular turbine is also located within a few meters of a biomass plant which is being built to fuel the golf course – for which wood will need to be imported into the area. The plant is massively oversized making extremely inefficient. If this was not the case BHEAG would not have objected to the proposal. Indeed had the turbines not been so oversized BHEAG would not have objected

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