Turbine problems ?

Huddersfield Examiner
On Tuesday 6th December 2011 a turbine erected earlier this year at Scapegoat Hill, Huddersfield fell over in high winds.

On Wednesday 7th December 2011 a turbine at Coldingham in the Scottish Highlands was brought crashing down in high wind
On Thursday 8th December 2011 a turbine exploded like a giant catherine wheel showering the countryside with burning debris in Ardrossan, North Ayrshire –

In January a further three turbines were wrecked in the Huddersfield area.Daily Mail

The Government and manufacturers maintain incidents are rare

A recent report in the USA suggested the risk of blade faiure was 1 in 1000, for any particular turbine.
The incidents above seem to suggest a much higher figure in the UK (There are c 3500 turbines in the UK)

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