Douglas Valley Turbine Rejected

The Douglas Valley Turbine was today rejected by Bolton Planning Committee – not a single councillor voted for the turbine.

The turbine was simply too big and too close to residential property, having an unacceptable effcet on the amenity of the area.
It also appears that the JRC / United Utilities objection was still valid. No posting for the NERL objection withdrawal has yet been made

The BHEAG objection report can be found Objection Report x

There was agreement from all parties that Bolton Council should adopt a turbine policy similar to those in Milton Keynes, Torridge, Cherwell, Anglesey, Northern Ireland etc.etc etc. A link to these policies can be found under the wind turbine guidance link at the top of this page -supporting evidence is also provided by link to help policy making decision.

Our thank to all those people who have assisted the campaign and to the planning committee for their suport.

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