Bolton turbine refused permission

Bolton planning committee yesterday objected to a wind turbine at Matchmoor stables, Horwich. The proposed turbine would have a total height of 32 m , with a 25m mast. The nearest properties were c 200m away.
The turbine was significantly smaller that other turbines currently going through the planning system and somewhat less impactful on neighbouring properties.
In-line with some other authorities which have specific wind turbine policies,preventing a turbine over 25m within 400m (or even 600m) of residential properties the turbine was rejected by both Horwich Town Council and Bolton planning commitee. It is understood that the proposal was objected to by Lindsey Kell, Blackrod and Horwich Ward Councillor , and the Conservative and Liberal Parties and a few Labour members, making the vote 11 objections to 9 in favour
The reasons for the objection were proximity to residential properties and that the harm to the greenbelt would not be outweighed by the very special circumstances.
Again coucillors asked fo a wind turbine policy.
Bolton Council had been previously asked by planning committee to introduce a wind turbine policy. PPS22 states “Plans may include criteria that set out the minimum separation distances between different types of renewable energy projects and existing developments” New National policy guidlines allow communities to state where renewable energy developments should and should not be located. The local argument has shifted from whether turbines are beautiful or an eye sore , to the over bearing imapct they can have on residential homes if sited too close.
Applications at Birches Road, Turton (66m), Chadwick Farm, Horwich(66m) , and the pre consultation at Walker Fold Road, north of the Bolton Old Links Golf Course, Horwich (88m ) show an increasing trend of planning applications for bigger and bigger turbines in the area. All are within 400m of residential property.
Given this national concern regarding turbine proximity to habitation it will be a different debate if / when Bolton Council pursue their ambition of erecting several large tubines on the Red Moss SSSI

The Bolton News ran a poll suggesting that 80% of people are in agreement with BHEAG – that more turbines sould be allowed in the Bolton Borough.

2 comments to Bolton turbine refused permission

  • Inga Horwood

    Should that last sentence read that 80% of people are in agreement with BHEAG – that more turbines should *not* be allowed in Bolton Borough? I hadn’t thought that BHEAG approved of them near residential properties.

  • admin

    Thanks for your comment. As a group we are actually pro turbine, although we believe there should be considerations to the surrounding environment, including size and distance to residential properties. ie we are against a blanket ban on turbines in Bolton

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