Recommendation to Welsh Assembly – Control of Noise from Wind Turbines

The Committee‘s recommendations to the Welsh Government are
listed below, in the order that they appear in this report. Please refer
to the relevant pages of the report to see the supporting evidence and
Recommendation 1. The Committee recommends that the Welsh
Government should amend Statutory Planning Guidance to introduce
buffer zones that maintain the current 500 metres minimum distance
between dwellings and turbines, and increase the separation distance
as appropriate, and in specified circumstances up to 1500 metres,
according to environmental factors such as the topography and the
ambient noise levels of the area. (Page 15)
Recommendation 2. The Committee recommends that ETSU-R-97
guidelines are revised to take into account the lower ambient noise
levels in rural areas and the latest research and World Health
Organisation evidence on the effects of noise on sleep disturbance.
(Page 19)
Recommendation 3. The Committee recommends that statutory
planning guidance is amended to include a requirement that faulty
turbines are switched off at specified times overnight as soon as a
fault affects its noise emissions and that turbines are not returned to
full operation until any such faults are fully repaired. (Page 20)
Recommendation 4. The Committee recommends that the Institute
of Acoustics Working Group carries out meaningful consultation with
people living close to wind turbines so that their experiences can help
to shape the conclusions and recommendations of the Group that are
expected to be published in September 2012.


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