Matchmoor turbine appeal – refused

It is often difficult to understand when special circumstances outweigh the harm in the greenbelt. The appeal decision from Douglas Valley and now Matchmoor suggests the boundary is significantly further towards refusing applications than previously thought in Bolton.

The Matchmoor turbine planning inspector -J.P. Watson  BSc MICE FCIHT MCMI –   summarised –

19 “In summary, I have found that the appeal proposal would be harmful to the Green Belt by virtue of inappropriateness, limited loss of openness, and limited visual harm.  I attribute substantial weight to the harm to the Green Belt.  And I also attribute substantial weight to the risk to public safety by virtue of the effect of turbines such as this on horses.
Whether the harm is clearly outweighed by other considerations so as to amount to the very special circumstances necessary to approve the proposal 
22. I balance the benefit that the appeal proposal would bring, against the harm to the Green Belt and the risk to public safety I have identified.  I am not satisfied that the potential harm to the Green Belt by reason of inappropriateness, and any other harm, is clearly outweighed by other considerations.  Therefore the very special circumstances necessary to justify approval of this inappropriate development in the Green Belt are not found.
23 The Appellant draws attention to appeal decisions elsewhere, in which wind  turbine proposals were allowed in areas of outstanding natural beauty, national parks or the Green Belt.  I am in no doubt that circumstances can arise in which wind turbines in the Green Belt can meet the test set by paragraph 88 of the Framework.  And, in the current appeal, the wider environmental benefits associated with the scheme are among the circumstances of the case.  But I do not find that those circumstances taken together are very special.  I have considered this and all other matters raised and conclude that the appeal should be dismissed.”
The full decision can be found matchmoor

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