New Road to be Built linking Loco works (and 1700 + new houses) to Blackrod ???

A new planning  application has been submitted by Network rail for a road to link the loco works with Station Raod. It is unclear whether the land is in the greenbelt

The design and access statement states ”  the new access in itself will not give rise to any traffic generation,”  having previously stated ” The Transport Statement submitted with this application discusses this in further detail. However, in summary this Statement demonstrated that there is sufficient capacity at the proposed access junction and wider highway network to support a 500 unit residential development on NR land (which would be in accordance with the density requirements set out in the SPD. The assessments also show that the access junction has capacity to accommodate further development at the Horwich Loco Works Site ”

 Application 89722


2 comments to New Road to be Built linking Loco works (and 1700 + new houses) to Blackrod ???

  • T.Pendlebury

    I would agree a walk/cycle route would be benefical from the loco works development onto Station Road at the proposed point.However the thought of a road junction there is totally unrealistic. As various people are now suggesting a road exit/entrance from the Loco works 1600 new houses development over the next few years onto the A6 south of the Rivington Pub would seem a more logical long term proposition.This would take traffic away from Chorley New Road and the Middlebrook areas which cannot take any more volume especially if the Arena development and other projects get planning.

  • Eileen Jackson

    I confirm that this access will not enter Crown lane, but onto Station Rood. It will be 40 metres from Moss Lane which means that the junction will be ( more or less) opposite Dickinson’s and the entrance to the sewage works. the constant movement of large vehicles in and out of these premises will be a dangerous situation and cause conjestion. The sewage tankers entering the sewage works, come down Station Road and because of the acute bend at the entrance, they have to swing over to the other side of the road and mount the pavement in order to enter the site. This will not be possible if there is a junction there. Station Road is the only emergency route for ambulances which are stationed in Blackrod, and conjestion could be a life I danger.

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