The All Party Parliamentary Group on the Greenbelt is seeking responses from interested parties and groups about how Greenbelt land is protected and preserved for the future.
The group intends to publish a report on the basis of this evidence in Spring 2014, with oral evidence sessions also being held in the New Year.
In particular, the group would like to focus on issues including:
·         What has been the effect of the abolition of Regional Spatial Strategies and the introduction of the National Planning Policy Framework in the context of the preservation of greenbelt land?
·         Which local councils are taking their obligations on greenbelt preservation seriously and which local councils are placing greenbelt land under threat?
·         What new policy ideas should be considered to increase greenbelt protection?
·         Should brownfield land in greenbelt areas have the same protection as Greenfield land in greenbelt areas?
·         How can we increase local community engagement in protecting the greenbelt?
·         How can it be made clearer to the media the important distinction between ‘greenfield’ land and ‘greenbelt’ land- with the importance of greenbelt being highlighted as separate from greenfield.
·         How do we balance the need to sustain the greenbelt with the need for sustainable communities?
·         Should certain areas of greenbelt land be given higher protection than other areas?
·         What should the greenbelt look like for the twenty first century?
Responses and submissions can be sent to or posted to APPG Greenbelt, Room 20, Norman Shaw North, House of Commons, SW1A 0AA.
Deadline for submissions is 31 January 2014.


  • kirsty thomas

    Friends of Durham Green Belt Group is meeting on Wed. 29th Jan. and will be compiling a submission to the APPGGB as Durham County Council is including three key sites on Durham Green Belt for house-building in the new County Durham Local Plan. The Plan has yet to go to Examination in Public, but the final stage of Consultation has taken place. Friends of Durham Green Belt have submitted objections to development of over 4,000 houses on the Green Belt.

  • Local Plans and the NPPF sets out the five purposes that the Green Belt serves.
    They have served communities well, particularly to prevent urban sprawl and the coalescence of settlements.
    There are still many brownfield sites that lie derelict for too long often for commercial reasons and should be requisitioned after a period of time if owners fail to sell the land for housing.
    Not all Green Belt land meets the five purposes in Chapter 9 of the NPPF – the grading of such land ( significant, medium value and poor)should be undertaken in order to classify the land and accurately identify its Green Belt status.

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