Nightingale Farm (update)

The government position on today’s decision –  it “will lead to parking misery”

The planning permission for access was approved today – with conditions the development was limited to 14 houses and no higher than two stories.

Cllr Cunliff commented to the effect that it would be good to prevent further retail development in our town center.
Paragraph 3, of OA1 – requiring the center of Blackrod to meet local needs was not even mentioned by the planning officer or Councillors.
The lack of parking was raised and councilors were told – that the guidelines identified maximum number of parking spaces, contrary to the government website which states ….

“The imposition of maximum parking standards under the last Administration lead to blocked and congested streets and pavement parking. Arbitrarily restricting new off-street parking spaces does not reduce car use, it just leads to parking misery. It is for this reason that the Government abolished national maximum parking standards in 2011!”…/parking_standards_annexes/pa…

An excellent objection speech from an effected resident, quoted Wigan council who set these “maximum” levels as the minimum standard which should be acceptable.

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