Nightingale Farm

‪#‎Blackrod‬‘s Nightingale Farm (previously the waste recycling centre), in the very center of the village, is likely to have a further 14 houses built on it – despite concerns from local residents and the Town Council who quoted Bolton’s Core strategy”AO1 para 3.

” Ensure the local center at Blackrod will continue to serve local needs.”

This key phrase appears to be missing from the officers report and summary of objections.

The Neighbourhood Plan – would likely also have also added weight to ensuring the town center served the needs of all local residents. This is the only suitable plot of land in the village – close to the center.

Everyone who has visited nearby residents appears to agree that the development will have an unacceptable impact on the neighborhood amenity.

At the present time none of the ward Councillors are able or willing to speak on behalf of residents at the planning committee – leaving residents with 2 minutes to put over their concerns.

The committee meeting is Thursday 2 June , 2pm – at Bolton Library – the public are invited to attend.

The officers report can be found…/95926_16-Officers_Re…

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