The council says people are “fed up”

That would be Chorley council

The council says people are “fed up” that planning applications for greenfield sites are constantly being won on appeal after being refused by the authority.

Chorley Council is writing to Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, asking for the Government to “stick to its word” and support the borough.

The full story can be found here Chorley Guardian


Land off Bolton Road

The application to build 170 homes close to the Blackrod border will be considered by Chorley Council Tuesday 30 October at 6.30pm. This is in addition to the 76 ?? homes already in the process of being built near Adlington Railway station.

The planning officer is recommending approval.

Objection is complicated by the fact that the land has been included in proposals in the Local Development Framework – similar to Blackrod Community Centre and the Land at Manchester Road, in Blackrod.

Objectors to the Land off Bolton Road development are encouraging supporters to attend the Planning Meeting at Chorley Town Hall and have even arranged a bus.

More information can be found here

Fox are back – Bolton Road – Adlington

Plans have been re submitted by fox for the development of Land Surrounding Huyton Terrace Previously Baly Place Farm Bolton Road Adlington Lancashire.
They have submitted their revised plans for the housing development of 170 houses and demolition of No 74 and 76 Bolton Road to make way for the estate entrance, click on the link below. The site is now further away from the Blackrod border.

This is in addition to c 50 houses already approved along side the railway

Dont forget – if you submitted an comment regarding the previous application – this does not count towards this application ie you will need to make a new comment submission


More details to follow

Land off Bolton Road Withdrawn – for ammendments

We understand that Fox Strategic Land and Property withdrew their application last week – possibly due to an issue with unregistered land.

It is believed they will re submit a proposal based on a smaller amount of land.

Land off Bolton Road

Adlington Town Council have strongly objected to the application.
It is understood that over 250 letters of objection have been received by Chorley Council

There will be a meeting 23 February, at 7pm at the Adlington Community Centre, on Railway Road for residents who feel they may be able to help and form an action group.

From our experience with other groups finding a treasurer ar even a secretary can be difficult, not to mention people able to deliver leaflets.

No matter how small every bit of help counts.

If you are willing to help – it will be apprecaited and it may make a difference

Land off Bolton Road

This application has now been submitted for 300 houses

Residents may comment by clicking the link below

Plannng application 12/00082/outmaj

(The design and access documents show location / layout etc

Further information, including other was to make a coment can be found

The ecology survey seems to suggest that several rare /notable species of bats are present at the site “Bat surveys have confirmed that there are no roosts present within the application boundary and demonstrated that the sites habitats are used for foraging / commuting predominantly by common and widespread species. Precautionary mitigation is recommended to ensure that bats are adequately protected during the removal of trees. Only small numbers of notable species, such as BAP Priority Species, were present”

Whilst the renewable enrgy statement rules out biomass, small wind turbines- suggests solar Pv is not practical leaving a large wind turbine as the solution. There goes at least one of the green spaces !!

Fields to be lost in houses plan

Residents of Blackrod and Horwich need only look to Adlington to see what may happen soon.
The green fields adjacent to Blackrod have been allocated 179 houses in Chorley’s draft allocation plan. A developer is likely to put in an application for 300 houses on the site within the next two weeks.
Planning approval has already been given for c 70 houses at the foot of the site, alongside the railway.
ie 370 houses – more than twice what was expected and even before the allocation plan is approved.

In Blackrod, it has been noted that the boundary of the Blackrod Industrial Estate, for infilling, also contains a number of greenbelt fields.

Please make your views known