Marcus Simmons , spokesman for RAGE, and Martin Millmore of The Mineral Planning Group on behalf of Armstrongs Aggregates Limited have jointly issued the following statement.

We are pleased to report that the Judicial Review has been resolved via a legally binding agreement. The agreement will reduce the proposed HGV numbers for Montcliffe and Pilkington Quarries by 25% and there is a commitment on behalf of Armstrongs Aggregates to route HGVs away from the centre of Horwich during school drop off and pick up times. Armstrongs Aggregates have also agreed to provide to Bolton Council monitoring data regarding noise, dust and traffic levels, which Bolton will publish.

Armstrongs Aggregates and Bolton Council have also agreed to form an ongoing liaison group with residents, to enable residents to voice their concerns with the aim of ensuring that potential future disputes can be avoided. We see the agreement today as a positive step towards a new relationship between residents, the Council and Armstrongs Aggregates.

A Council spokesman added: “We are pleased that an agreement has been reached and the Council’s Planning Committee will be considering the Montcliffe planning application in due course.

Markland Farm Biomass Plant, Development commences

Having stated ” we have had no other option but to shelve this project for the time being, around the 17 October 2011,

Within a month  the development has commenced – although the information was not available until after the due decision date for the turbines, in which the above statement was made,

Douglas Valley Golf Course – planning committee (update)

The planning committee are due to visit the site, this morning at 11.20 am

The planning committee is scheduled for 2pm at the Town Hall – the public are invited to attend – however we understand that the planning officer will now be recommending deferment – and it is unclear whether the application will be considered.

“Dear All,

As you may or may not be aware a revised noise assessment was submitted by the applicant late yesterday, as well as various submissions from residents and BHEAG. This amounts to a lot of information which needs to be digested and considered by officers before being presented to the Planning Committee. It is key that the information presented is correct and members make their decision based on this information.

The timescales to consider the amount of information are too tight and therefore officers will recommend the Planning Committee defer the application at this afternoon’s meeting to enable full consideration of the information.

The final decision whether to defer the application will lie with the planning committee, so this email is a precursor to this afternoon’s meeting, but I trust it forewarns you of what may happen.

Please note the site visits planned to the golf club and 38 Nightingale Road will still take place this morning. The planning committee are due to arrive at the golf club at 11.20am.

I appreciate this email will not reach every resident directly, but I would appreciate your co-operation in passing the message onto as many people as possible.



The meeting was deferred with an incredible amount of informtation included in the late list.suppl

£ 2.5 Million turbine noise nuisance claim – settles out of court (updated)


£2.5 million –  and that is just for one household,  nearly a Kilometer away from the turbines

Meanwhile back in Blackrod,  Julie Hilling MP has written to Bolton Council supporting the concerns of local residents and objecting to the proposed Douglas Valley Turbines

Meanwhile residents of Nightingale Road have written to Bolton Council with their own noise assesment.

Planning Application 86833 noise x            Sound level Measurements – Rear 34 Nightingale x

Douglas Valley Wind Turbines

A great number of concerns remain unanswered about the proposed devlopment.

A brief summary, of some of the concerns can be found Douglas Valley Golf Course BHEAG x

Douglas valley turbines

The officer is recommending approval.

Apparently ignoring the deficiencies in the noise report regarding the timing of data – which the officer tacitly agrees has ignored guidance, but will be revisted in the next week and  the fact that the noise data appears at best unrealistic – in that the noise generated by the turbine appears to be  75% less than the manufacturer states !!

 The precise impact on the public footpath  is unclear – other than to say it should be diverted. 

The proposed conditions seem to ignore guidance regarding end of life and the colour of the turbines.

Almost bizarrely the officer seems to acknowledge that there is a risk of golf balls hitting the blades – either accidently or on purpose – the consequences of which should be considered  after the event !!

Pages from Pages from report -22

Pages from Pages from report-22-27

Turbine trouble

Residents have been confused at how the applicant for the turbines on Douglas Valley golf course, can refer to the turbines as small. How the turbines were originally appeared to be  in the wrong scale on the photo montages.

Now residents   are  bemused with the updated noise statement. Whilst updating the noise statement, the noise source has been reduced from c 104 dB to 97.1 dB.  (as of 07/12/2011 the noise source has decreased further to 92dB)

No explanation is given for this reduction of 75% Even the manufacturers own website seems to suggest the figure is wrong.

No explanation is given why one of the turbines (the one closest to Nightingale Road) is missing or why the combined effect, which we estimate would add over 3dB is missing.

The assesment also appears to avoid the noise generated if it gets windy, limiting it to 8m/s (about 2/3 of its top speed) 

For the “alternative”  analysis of the noise generation see

Meanwhile Prince Phillip slams turbines as a “Fairytale”

The UK currently has a total of 3,421 turbines, with 2,941 onshore and there are proposals in place by the Government to build a further 4,500

Montcliffe Quarry – TV coverage

The decision was deferred

Moncliffe – What is going on ??

Following the issue of the officer’s report, and the action groups’ subsequent letter (see below)  Two consultee responses have appeared on the Bolton Planning website – which would appear to support some of the concerns raised in our letter.

It is unclear, how, in posession of these documents (one dated October) the officer is able to conclude that there is an adequate EIA and recommend approval with the condition proposed.

The documents can be found here.

Here is our interpretation the the transports satement  – with photographs .

Montcliffe – Response to Officer’s report

The following letter has been sent to the planning officer , concerning his report, published in the last few days.

86368-11OR x

Vernon Kay – Tweeting with RAGE

Vernon Kay is encouraging people, via Twitter, to join the RAGE protest outside Montcliffe Quarry, on Thursday 24 November 2011.

One of the main concerns of the objectors will be the record number of HGVs which will be put on the roads around Horwich – with nothing stopping every single one going through the town centre of Horwich.

Other concerns include the fact that plans exist to turn the quarry into a one million tonne per year recycling centre.

The application is part of a large number of applications, at three contiguous sites, in rapid succession. So far four applications for the quarries have been considered –

  • One went to appeal – but was withdrawn by Armstrongs after the planning inspector asked for additional information.
  • Two have been approved, but subsequently quashed in the Judicial Review Process
  • One is currently in the Judicial Review Process and will be considered 14, and 15 December 2011.

The extension for Montcliffe will be considered Thursday 24 November, at 1pm, atBolton Town Hall

Thanks Vernon

Donations are still urgently required to fund the current Judicial Review. Please donate here

Montcliffe – officer recommends approval

Well what did you expect ? 

  This is Bolton – promises are meant to be broken !

Lets just hope elected members have a different view.

360 HGV trips per day     440 HGV trips per day about to hit Horwich – can it cope – who knows ?

A special planning meeting has been scheduled on Thursday, 24th November, 2011 at 1.00pm in Committee Room A, First Floor, Bolton Town Hall.  This meeting will review the Montcliffe extension planning application only.

Earlier the same day there is a visit to the Montcliffe Quarry site by the planning committee scheduled for 10.15am.

Please donate towards the current Judicial Review 


Important Quarry Dates










The Judicial Review date has now been set for 14-16 December in Manchester Courts – more details will be available closer to the time. Statements need to be submitted by 14 November 2011. Public support would be greatly appreciated.

We understand the current planning application for Montcliffe will be considered on Thursday 24th November , at Bolton Town Hall. This will be a site visit scheduled for 10.15 am the same day.

These dates have now become some of the most important in the Horwich calendar – if you are able to attend – it would be very much appreciated. If you are unable to attend perhaps consider a £5 fine by pressing the donate button below

Golf balls and ice

The outer tips of the turbine blades will travel at up to  246 miles per hour

  • What happens if a golf ball from the driving range hits this moving object ?

The Highways agency consider the issue:-


9. A further factor that must be considered is the phenomenon of ice being thrown from the turbine blades (‘icing’). In certain meteorological conditions, significant accretionsof ice can build up on wind turbine blades. Surprisingly, moving blades are affected toa far greater extent than stationary blades.

10. Warming or fragmentation may then lead to ice being shed from the rotating blades. Large fragments may be thrown a considerable distance.

11. Again, this is a very rare event and the frequency of occurrence does decrease markedly with distance. Nevertheless, the consequences of an ice projectile hitting a moving vehicle could be severe. Not only would the occupants be at risk but a multivehicle accident could result.

12. Most modern wind turbines will have vibration and/or climate sensitive technology that will shut down the turbine if there is the potential for icing. Where this technology is present there should be no need to consider this issue further. Evidence of this technology on the proposed turbines should be provided.

Quote of the day : ” 

“The Council and its partners will: Ensure Protected Open Land around Horwich and Blackrod remains undeveloped and will Ensure that new development does not harm the landscape setting and protects views from public areas to the surrounding landscape.
I have to wonder how much power generation will have to be carried out in this area before it is considered too much.”

Location of the turbines

Our best interpretation of the location of the  turbines is given below. (Based on SD references and photograph montages) The height (including rotors ) is approximately the same as the Roscoe tower (to the left of the Millstone). The red dots have a diameter equivelant to  approximately 30-40 m. Small is definately not a word you would honestly  use to describe them. (The department for transport classes a small turbine as upto 50Kw)

This would appear to contravene guidance