60 percent of European rape is being used for fuel production

Nestle chief calls for end to using food in biofuel production

Aug 19 (Reuters) – The chairman of the world’s biggest food group Nestle, Peter Brabeck, has called on politicians to lobby to end the use of food in the production of biofuels.

“This does not mean that biofuel should be scrapped entirely but that producers should use other organic materials,” Brabeck said in an interview with Swiss newspaper SonntagsZeitung.

He joins a growing chorus of politicians and scientists who are calling for a rethink in the production of biofuels.

“Our problem is that almost half of U.S. corn production and 60 percent of European rape is being used for fuel production,” he said.

Biofuel production is adding pressure on food prices which are already being boosted by climate change. “(Food) prices are increasingly prone to swings and correlate more and more with oil prices,” he said.

He also called for more transparency in international commodities markets.

Brabeck predicted Nestle’s input costs for key commodities such as milk, coffee and cocoa would fall in the second half of the year. However, should the price situation remain tense, the company would feel an impact in the medium term, he warned.

The Swiss-based company owns brands such as Nescafe coffee, KitKat chocolate bars and Maggi soup



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Land Off Bolton Road


“Residents Meeting
Tuesday 7th February @ 19:00
The United Reform Church, Railway Road, Adlington

Fox are believed to have submitted a formal planning application (to build 300 houses) last week but is yet to be uploaded to the planning website.

In light of this fellow residents have arrange a room at The United Reform Church on Railway Road on Tuesday 7th February at 19:00hrs.

We would like to invite all residents who have concerns over this development to attend, this will give us a chance to collate residents concerns and formulate an action group to aid residents express their concerns.

We will hopefully have at least one town councillor attending and will see if the Chorley Guardian will attend, we will also try to obtain a copy of the actual planning application before the meeting.

Please inform other residents as a good attendance will be crucial.

Land off Bolton Road

The land in question is shown in the image below, with proposed vehicular access via Huyton Terrace.”

300 Home Estate Planned in Adlington, on the Blackrod Border

Plans for 300 homes ‘would completely destroy the area’
Fox Strategic Land & Property are proposing the development of upto 300 homes on land off Bolton Road, Adlington, Chorley.

Chorley Guardian

Protest website

The Human Rights Act

Acting contrary to a Human Rights Act requirementIt is unlawful for any public authority to act in a way that is a breach of a person‟s human rights and contrary to the Human Rights Act 1998.

Article 1

Protection of property

Every natural or legal person is entitled to the peaceful enjoyment of his possessions.

Pilkington Quarry – deferred to Special Committee Meeting -possibly

Message from Bolton Council.

A briefing from Members took place this afternoon. And in light of the complexities involved around the proposals and the objections to which members are being asked to make a decision on tomorrow I write to inform you that the application item for Pilkington is  not likely to be discussed and will be table for an adjournment for a special Planning Committee meeting early next week (Probably Monday and with the rise of that meeting being around 2.30) Under the circumstances you may well reasonably considered that it is unnecessary for you to attend the meeting tomorrow in light of the above.

2nd Message from Bolton Council

Further to my last email, I would just like to advise that a formal decision has not been made to adjourn the Pilkington item tomorrow and under the circumstances I would advise that it may be prudent to attend tomorrow pending that formal Adjournment decision being made by the full Committee tomorrow.

The meeting of RAGE – Rivington Against Greenbelt Exploitation is still proceeding at Horwich Conservative Club at 7pm

Letter Before Claim – in Judicial Review

Four local action groups – Blackrod and Horwich Environmental Action Group, Montcliffe Residents Association,Horwich Moor Residents Association and Arcon Village Residents Group, have submitted a letter before claim, in  Judicial Review, to Bolton Council.

Permission to extend two previous  permissions until 2042, was given on the 15 October 2010. The groups seek to quash these new grants of permission.

Rivington is under threat like never before. With both Montcliffe and Pilkington Quarries being identified as strategically important to the Greater Manchester Waste Development Plan – and the restrictions on the number of vehicles using the quarry was removed on the 15 October, with potentially massive implications for Horwich. Heaton and Lostock.

The four Groups have been fighting various planning applications for over a year. One has been rejected – which is being appealed by Armstrong’s – see below; two have been accepted, which the four groups have issues a letter before claim; a further application, to extend the physical boundary was deferred earlier this month, following short comings identified by the Planning Inspectorate regarding the appeal.

A further application is expected at some time to remove the land between Montcliffe and Pilkington – destroying yet another footpath, and making large parts of the iconic hill virtually inaccessible. The green hill, visible to so many, towards Bolton Town Centre will change.

The letter before claim can be found HERE

The red areas below show the additional visual impact from Blackrod

Friends Of Lever Park

We would like to congratulate Friends of Lever Park, on the findings by the Local Government Ombudsman against Chorley Borough Council

6 counts of maladministration

2 counts of injustice

This unfortunately does not reverse the planning decision and the injustice that this causes, including effectively closing the bridleway on Sundays.

A new application regarding the Lever Park site is expected shortly, so please watch out on the approach to Christmas and make your opinion count.

Making a Positive Difference to YOUR Community

Over the last few months, various planning applications have resulted in  residents coming together and fighting for the community. Many have formed  residents groups – something that we would encourage.

We welcome the formation of 

                          The Friends of Lever Park,

                          The  Arcon Village Residents Association,

                          The  Horwich Moor Residents Association,

                          The Montcliffe Residents Association.

     Together we can make a positive difference



I am reminded of a poem attributed to Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984)

“First they came for the communists,

          and I did not speak out

         —because I was not a communist;

Then they came for the trade unionists,

          and I did not speak out

         —because I was not a trade unionist;

Then they came for the Jews,

          and I did not speak out

          —because I was not a Jew;

Then they came for me

      —and there was no one left to speak out for me


If you need support to speak out, contact us with total confidentiality at BHEAG@Hotmail.co.uk


Friends of Lever Park

There will be a meeting for “friends of Lever Park” and their supporters on Thursday the 10th December 2009, it will be held at HORWICH CONSERVATIVE CLUB, Church Street Horwich, with an 8-00pm start.

Agenda: (i) Report on the Ombudsman’s final decision.

(ii) Report on complaint made to the Information Commissioners Office.

(iii) Outlining our intentions following the final decision by the LGO

(iv) A-O-B

Pilkington Quarry , Makinson Lane, Horwich 80931/08

Public planning meeting Bolton Town Hall. Thursday 29 October at 14:00
Site visit Thursday 29 October 10:10

This application has been discussed for sometime.

There are a large number of changes from the original application, which proposes to extract over three million tonnes of aggregate from the quarry and also process aggregate from external sources, in a 1.5 hectare site.

The application includes refilling the quarry with inert waste, to the original ground waste , ie filling with more than three million tonnes of waste.

Concerns include, veichle movement, noise (including blasting), air and water pollution, effect on the greenbelt.

At the Special meeting of the Horwich planning committee 8 October 2009, there were a large number of people who cast doubt on the applicants adherence to current planning and environmental restrictions and the fact that they do not appear to be operating using “best practice”, something that the application states is a pre-requisite.

Please see the new application 83299/09  (click “home”)

Place of Worship Greenbarn Way Community Centre Carpark 82529/09

In 1973 agricultural land was transformed into the Greenbarn Way estate.

As part of the process it was agreed that the land could only be used for residential properties and would contain a number of open spaces.

Due to increase in population it was deemed that the community centre car park needed to be enlarged. As such a parcel of land was given to the council specifically to enlarge the Community Centre Car Park. This forms part of the required open space on the estate. It is on this land that the applicant wishes to build.

The open plan design of the estate would be comprimised by the fencing around the building

Approximately 25% of the already over utilised carpark would be lost. The carpark is frequently used for community support, eg blood donations.

Himalayan Balsam

For further information click on the RHS link “Himalayan Balsam” on the right of this page

Energy 64 (Bolton) Ltd

Energy 64 (Bolton) Lmited, has applied for a wood burning, 20 MWe electricity generating plant on Chorley New Road, Horwich.
The plant is described as a biomass CHP (Combined heat and power) plant, however the plant will use recycled wood rather than agricultural waste. The heat energy will be enough to heat nearly 30,000 homes, providing they are withing a 1.5 Km radius of the site. Unfortunately there are no plans in the application to use this energy, nor is there any indication as to what will happen to the wasted energy.
At this time a plant that could be nearly 90% energy efficient is likely to be less than 20% efficient.

There are a number of other discrepencies within the application and BEAG ha written to the planning department asking for clarifiction

The application number is 82447/09 should you wish to write to the planning department with your arguments for or against the plant ideally by 23rd July

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting ( AGM ) of the Blackrod and Horwich Environmental Action Group will take place on the 30th June, 7-30pm for 8.00 pm at the Methodist Church, New Street Blackrod.

Items for inclusion are invited by contacting either a committe member or else via the website comments option