Wind Turbine Guidance

We get a great deal of correspondence from around the UK regarding wind turbines.

We have therefore compiled a number of links with the most recent documents (Feb 2012), which may be of use.

 Planning Practice Guidance for Renewable and Low Carbon Energy  (added 2013)


Milton Keynes Policy Jan 2012
Note:This document gives a good deal of background re legislation and other policies within the UK – a well considered document. The supporting documents can be found here

Cherwell Wind Turbine Guidance
Note: -referencing a number of appeal decisions (search “wind” )

Local Governemnt Improvement and Development (search “turbine checklist”)

Tall structures and their impact on broadcast and other wireless services     1.3  If possible, turbines should be at least 500 metres from any viewer.

Wind Turbines Minimum Distance from Residential Propeties Bill, House of Lords

Onshore Wind turbines proximity to habitation bill, House of Commons

G Planning Appeal Decision Notice – Rossendale Council: Thorn House Farm, Pinch Clough Road, Whitewell Bottom, Rossendale BB4 9RT – for 1 x WES 30 turbine
As available at:

Consultees should include

Ministry of Defence: &



United Utilities:


Atkins Ltd:

Cable and Wireless:


Mobile phone operators should also be contacted

The BBC windfarm tool can be found here
(Note this is applicable to any turbine over 30m)