Blue NG / 2OC Power Plant – Blackrod

“The plant is simply too big, on protected Green Belt land, and its environmental credentials are questionable. There are thousands of gas reduction plants around the UK It is proposed to be located at a gas reduction plant, miles away from the fuel source, miles away from the electrical grid, with little or no opportunity to utilise the waste heat – all key points in choosing appropriate locations.”  RAGE – Residents Against Greenbelt Exploitation, 02 Aug 2010.

Your chance to question Blue NG and ask Bolton Council to listen to your views:

Two towns Forum;      Tuesday 14 September, 2010 ;  Blackrod Community Centre

Main Meeting 7.00pm,  Questions to Councillors 6.30pm

More information can be found HERE

Technical Summary Produced by Blue-NG (please note this has been supersceeded by the announcement by Blue NG 14 September,2010 to reduce the size of the plant to c 19 MWe. No further information has been made public)

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