National Grid to Pull out of Blue NG

EU anti-monopoly rules have meant that industry giant National Grid will be forced to sell its 50 per cent stake in Blue NG

Bath-based company Blue NG, a 50-50 Joint Venture between National Grid and start-up company 2OC. The latter is currently believed to still be seeking finance and resolving complex legal matters.

Work on the Beckton Plant is not yet believed to have started

Robert Palgrave from the pressure group Biofuelwatch said: “The news that the National Grid is pulling out of this biofuel venture is welcome.  Any investor who is looking at the schemes should be aware that there will continue to be significant opposition to biofuel power stations anywhere in the UK because they are a disaster for climate, biodiversity and people both in the global south and locally, due to the health impacts of air pollution.”

This is Bath

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