Pilkington Quarry – Cleaner, Greener, Safer, Lawful ?


All three current applications for Pilkington quarry 83299, 83999, and 84065 will be considered at planning commitee 14th of October. The public are invited to attend at the Town Hall from 2pm.

Between the three applications they seek to extend quarrying activities in the existing, fully extracted quarry until 2042. They also seek to extend the quarry boundaries significantly and introduce recycling.

The officers report is not available at this time and it is not publically  known   how the committee wil be recommended to vote. Once again potentially important documents from the Environment Agency and the GMGU have not been posted on-line, stiffling the public consultation. BHEAG are currently trying to get hold of these documents.  It is understood, a 106 agreement will also be made for the appeal.

 c 1500 people have signed petitions against the proposals and many thousands of pounds have been donated to the various legal challenges which have been necessary to ensure that the implications of the developments are fully considered.

An application for the Blue Ng /2OC biomass plant in Blackrod has not been made at this time.

“The right to development is the measure of the respect of all other human rights.”   Kofi Annan


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